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Solutions for Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Today, many companies reap the benefits of a diverse workforce. In particular, they want more women in top management. But there are a few challenges to creating more equality in the boardroom. A few years ago, I initiated a series of ground-breaking programs for women and men on how to cooperate and communicate more effectively in the workplace. The feedback has been outstanding.

Why should you invest in the women in your company?

  • Organizations with more women at the top experience an increase in financial performance.
  • +
  • Leveraging the unique qualities of men and women fosters a dynamic workplace environment.
  • +
  • Including women in collaborations lead to more innovative business results.

Get more women into your talent pipeline.
Improve perceptions about equal opportunities.
Promote more women into leadership positions.

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Creating more gender balance at the top of today’s leading companies is a goal of many leaders. My innovative programs for women and men create the space for the necessary conversations to promote more gender equity.

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As companies remove systemic barriers to equality and advancement, women need to remove their own internal barriers. Intensive coaching is the key to empower women to take charge of their own personal and professional goals.

  • Career Coaching
  • Leadership Skill Refinement
  • Negotiating & Influence
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What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you Melissa, you’ve changed my personal and professional life forever.”

— Anonymous Male Participant, SAP

“In 25 years at [the company], this was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. I wish I’d had it at the start of my career.“

— Anonymous Female Participant, SAP

"Melissa was instrumental to the success of my recent career transition. In her workshop, Advancement Strategies, I learned best practices in communication that improved my interactions with executives, my manager, and fellow colleagues. I’ve also had the opportunity to develop a strategy for my next move within SAP. Melissa was very insightful and provided excellent guidance and feedback on defining what I wanted and how I was going to make it happen. I would highly recommend working with Melissa if you’d like to transform your career, get a promotion, or simply enjoy your job to the fullest."

— Laura Merkelo
Internal Strategic Consultant, Productivity Consulting Group at SAP

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