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In this short, value-packed, six-lesson program, new and experienced managers will learn tools, frameworks and tips they can use to lead their teams successfully. Save time, frustration and confusion, while boosting productivity both face-to-face and virtually, by implementing easy tried and tested management strategies.

Lesson 1 – What is My Brand as a Manager? (15 minutes)

Self-reflection and self-knowledge is key. When you know your areas of strength and your areas of development, you can lean into what your good at and set expectations for others. In this session, you will answer the question: “As a leader, what do I want to be known for?”

Lesson 2 – How to Inspire, Motivate & Engage Your Team (15 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn how to distinguish motivation from capability and learn simple ways to manage a direct report who is capable but lacks motivation or motivated but lacks capability. You will also learn how to manage to a team member’s personal and professional goals, optimizing engagement and productivity.

Lesson 3 – How to Assess & Solve Difficult Team Situations (15 minutes)

When a situation presents itself that confuses or upsets you, it can escalate quickly. Before you throw gasoline on the fire and react too quickly, learn and practice a tried and tested tool that will support an accurate diagnosis and get you the right solve, quickly.

Lesson 4 – Managing Across Diverse Personalities (15 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify diverse personalities (without stereotyping) in order to better understand individual work styles. e.g. Do they prefer direct or indirect feedback? What is their approach to time management? What role does hierarchy play?

Lesson 5 – Creating a High-Performing Team (15 minutes)

Looking at the stages of teams, you will assess where your team is currently and learn best practices to support moving the team from forming or storming to high performing. Managers will come away with concrete tips and strategies to implement right away.

Lesson 6 – Managing Virtual Teams (15 minutes)

This session will share the most effective ways to engage and support remote team members and to manage virtual teams. We will discuss strategies for both local and international employees. Context, co-leadership and a sense of community are key.