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Top 3 Global, Cross Cultural Facts in Business This Week

The Globalist reported this weeks cultural change, cultural agility, and global expansion facts:

1) From 2000-2008, African economies grew at twice the pace than the 1980’s and 90’s. – The McKinsey Global Institute

2) In 2009, China, produced about 36% of all solar panels made worldwide, taking the lead from Europe, which had a 18% share. Japan was third at 16% and North America, primarily the U.S. was fourth at 8%. – Photon Consulting LLC

3) In mid-2010, the Bank of Japan appointed its first female branch manager in its 128-year history, Japan Airlines Corporation announced its first female pilot captain, and East Japan Railway now has female station masters in Tokyo for the first time. -Wall Street Journal

Melissa Lamson

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