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Tips for Making Stellar Global Presentations

In preparing presentations abroad you’ll want to consider how they’ll be received. Knowing the age, culture, ethnic background or the gender of the audience will help you decide how to position your content, what material to present, and tips and tricks you’ll use for gaining the audience’s attention. If it’s a diverse group, your presentation should be agile enough in its components to compensate for different styles. Below are a few considerations for making your international presentations stellar:

1) Don’t see the presentation as the be-all, end-all. Building relationships with your audience in advance by phone or email is important. Get them excited about the value you’re going to bring when you’re there in-person.

2) Use video! It’s the norm for the youngest generation today and it’s a great way to connect with your audience before you show up on location. Or you can use video to jazz up your actual presentation. It’s easy to embed fun and quirky youtube videos or create your own short films with a webcam.

3) Think about color and shape. If you use Power Point, make the graphics count. Orange and red are good colors in Asian countries, blue and green are more acceptable in Europe. Some cultures like it when you show personal photos of family or friends, other prefer a less personal approach. But use photos either way as metaphors for your concepts and to emphasize your point.

4) Always leave opportunity for interaction. People love to participate in presentations and it’s a great opportunity to get feedback about how your content is resonating. It brings extra value when participants get a chance to discuss a topic they may not necessarily make time for otherwise.

5) Being over-wordy on slides is a killer. Need I say more?

6) Shamelessly promote yourself and your products. Believe it or not, your audience wants to like you and they want to be convinced by your expertise. Offer free follow-ups, resources or opportunities for your audience. It will make it even more likely they buy your product and/or see you as leader in your field.

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