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The Questions No-One Dares to Ask (About Going Global)

When moving abroad there are lots of questions which people have about living in another country and interacting across cultures which might be embarrassing to ask. Here are a few of them -with answers- precious to the most global of travelers…

1) What if I don’t like the food?

Like dating, give it 3-5 tries before you’re really sure its not for you. Then separate the food into pieces and move it around on your plate. It looks as if you’re eating and at least you’re as active as the others at the table. If you’re host is insistent on your eating, say something like “its a little embarrassing for me, but my stomach is upset today”. That will quiet them.

2) What if I can’t groom the way I’m used to in another culture?

There are lots of good expat websites now. Don’t be afraid to use them. Your question is probably already there, but if not, you can ask it anonymously and someone will surely give you a tip. Also most large, luxury hotels have extremely experienced staff for nails, hair, waxing, massage, etc. They’re used to interacting with all cultural backgrounds and know where you can get anything done. They’ve most likely seen and heard it all!

3) How can I date across cultures in another country?

Dating coaches are springing up all over the world right now, find one to help you settle into your personal life. A happy employee makes a happy workplace. It’s important to establish community and connections in your new home. Religious institutions are a great way to meet people, but the new age version of these are yoga classes. Yogis across cultures are usually very open to meeting new people and its easy to make contact. Group sports, art or music classes are great places meet folks with common interests as well.

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