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The Keys to Deriving Innovation from Cross Culture Teams

Many people ask me, “How can I get innovation from my global team?” The answer is simple, yet, complicated. According to Innovation Theory, innovation comes from pre-existing concepts or ideas which intersect and a new possibility comes out of that intersection. You can look at your cross cultural team in the same way. Meaning Germans, Mexicans, Singaporeans, and Swedes come together to interact (intersect) in teamwork and the question is how do we leverage culture and derive innovation out of this interaction? The keys are “trust” and “motivation”. With trust, a main tool is communication or best practices in communicating across cultures. Motivation decides which incentives you offer your team members. Sit down with your team and come up with 3 ways to build trust or increase trust and do the same for motivation. Once people feel more comfortable, secure, open and motivated, they’ll generate creativity that leads to innovation.

Melissa Lamson

About The Author

Melissa Lamson, Founder and President of Lamson Consulting, is an author, consultant, and speaker who accelerates the business expansion goals of today’s most successful companies by developing global mindset, refining leadership skills, and bridging cross cultural communication. More About Melissa Lamson