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The Culture of Goth Music

In my book, No Such Thing As Small Talk, I make a joke about moving to Germany to hang out and drink Absinthe cocktails, listen to Goth music, and take saunas. In the 10 years I lived there, I never even saw Absinthe, nor listened to Goth or even met anyone who listened to Goth , but I did enjoy the sauna-culture.

Since moving back to the U.S. I have met a few people who actually like Goth music – a few in San Francisco, but also a client in Germany who has become a friend. In fact, I’m going to my first “Dark Wave” concert with them. I have no idea what that means. But my curious-anthropological-mind thinks it’s a must-do.

I remember going with friends to see Beyonce (it was terrible) and Justin Timberlake (much better than expected) in Frankfurt. It was so loud, I embarrassingly needed to stuff bits of tissue in my ears. Rod Stewart was better since the crowd was older. We’ll see with Goth music, I may need full head gear…

Melissa Lamson

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