4 Ways to Deal With Difficult Personalities

Business Communication

The other day, I was chatting with Dr. Nate Regier, author of Conflict without Casualties, and I was reminded of a popular debate I had while studying intercultural┬árelations twenty years ago–is our behavior caused by outside influence or genetic make-up? That is, are our personalities a product of nature or nurture?

Continuing our month’s theme of speaking with thought leaders in the consulting space who also work in global and/or cross-cultural contexts about leadership best practices, I explored this question with Nate.

But here are four ways you can reveal the junction when in a difficult conversation or conflict.

1. Consider the cultural norms and values within a particular country context.

2. Consider a person’s individual personality traits.

3. In situations of conflict, seek first to understand the cultural and personality needs, then explore what “content” disagreement still exists.

4. Understand that you may need to adapt your style of communication and motivation to that person’s preference.


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Business Communication

Image Credit: oqba/Fotolia