Men Think This Habit Is a Sign of Success. Women Think It’s a Sign of Insecurity

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There is one habit which is meant by men to be a sign of strength, but women perceive it quite differently. That habit is bragging. There are three alternatives to telling us how great they are that men can use while still being able to make a good impression:

For example, men should listen more than talk:

I was once sitting next to a couple on a first date at a dinner in Palo Alto. I watched as the guy talked and talked, volume rising, and the woman didn’t say a word. When she went to the restroom, I intervened, suggesting he start asking questions. He did, and I bet they had a second date.

It’s so important to ask about our day, our interests, our thoughts and dreams. Show others that you value their opinions and empathize with another’s concerns. A good rule is the 70/30 rule: you talk 30 percent of the time, the other talks 70 percent (particularly as a man talking with a woman).

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Business Communication

Image Credit: Fotolia/Romolo Tavani