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Melissa Lamson helps to grow leaders, empower teams, and bridge cultures through facilitating innovative learning programs. With over 20 years of experience in international leadership development, coaching, and team-building, Melissa has successfully helped countless individuals and organizations to be more equitable, productive, and happy.

Executive Coaching:
Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching:

Most leaders have what it takes to run organizations, communicate with stakeholders, and increase the numbers. Yet these same leaders can often benefit from a sounding board – someone to guide them in their decision-making, refine their communication skills, and support them in their business strategy. As an objective listener with the experience to discuss complex situations, I can be that trusted partner.

  • Leadership Refinement
  • Change Management
  • Managing Up
  • Career Coaching
  • Presentation Skills
  • Work-Life Balance
Training & Facilitation:
Training & Facilitation:

Training & Facilitation:

Talent management and leadership competence are two of the top challenges facing organizations today. I can work with your team to create learning programs designed to drive your business forward. First we’ll discuss overall objectives, then develop a customized learning strategy and roll out your plan of action. With an extensive network of world-class facilitators, I can ensure your learning programs are led by skilled experts with the right experience for your organization’s needs.



Teams go through various stages while working on projects and deliverables. The key to ensuring a team’s high performance is proactively acknowledging and managing the team in each stage: forming, storming, norming, performing. I’ll work with you to plan and run global meetings, outings, social events and other types of sessions to realign and reenergize your team.

  • Custom Topics for Teams
  • Team Meeting Facilitation
  • Global Team Events
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Whether it’s global expansion, work-life balance, or virtual team management, I cover a broad overview of leadership topics through short, interactive, virtual, and live talks. Participants will be engaged and entertained while they learn key concepts. All listeners will take away practical business tips they can implement right away.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Melissa’s facilitation and coaching work in our world-class managers and leaders program – ManageIn – have accelerated the ability for participants to reflect on their own communication style, understand the behavior of others, and manage through a variety of challenging situations. Melissa brings a unique international perspective to all aspects of day-to-day management challenges in a fast-growing global environment. I also appreciate her willingness to reflect on the learning process, excitement to contribute content, and desire to be a solid team-player.”

— Emma Dawson
Former Director of L&D at LinkedIn, Global Head of Talent Development at Dropbox

"At LinkedIn, excellence in management is essential to who we are. In order to lay that foundation, we've invested heavily in our flagship management training program, ManageIn. Melissa has played a key role as not only a facilitator, but a trusted partner in ensuring that program is best in its class.

A large part of what makes her successful at LinkedIn is that she understands what it takes to be successful within organizations and has the gift of being simultaneously inspirational and practical."

— Jeremy Stover, PCC
Developing Leaders at LinkedIn

"I met Melissa about 2 years ago and I have come to appreciate her multitude of talents and capabilities. Whether it is as a trusted business adviser and coach, key note speaker, facilitator or creative and strategic thinker you would do yourself a service to engage with her to optimize your effectiveness. Globally savvy with a diverse perspective you always walk away knowing you have received disproportionate ROI to your favor."

— Marc Underwood
Senior People Operations Partner at Ten-X

"I very much appreciate working with Melissa since she is extremely effective in making people change beliefs and behavior. Furthermore she is fun to work with. Melissa is not preaching but rather explaining the WHY behind the WHAT. Her intelligence gives her credibility very quickly and her passion makes it very enjoyable for people to listen. Because Melissa can see the big picture, she also supported me as a sounding board for our US business strategy."

— Ralf Drews
Chairman of the Board / CEO at Greif Velox Maschinenfabrik

"Melissa is a tremendous asset to leaders looking to "globalize" their organizations. Her insights and extensive business experience abroad allow for practical, strategic application in thinking and acting more effectively across international locations. I would highly recommend Melissa's consulting expertise to any company looking to improve global performance. I highly recommend her for any cross-cultural work!"

— Rami Branitzky
Managing Director at Sapphire Ventures, LLC
Melissa Lamson

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