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Slapped in the Face with Cultural Diversity

I stayed in Germany until 2008. That’s so long it’s difficult to remember other expat experiences I had before living there. However, I know that being in Europe for 10 years must have changed my personality somewhat because now that I’m living in California, my American husband-to-be covers for me with servers in restaurants, random people in airports, and in social situations with friends. He usually says, right after I’ve said something, apparently perceived as quite rude and the person I’m talking to looks like I’ve slapped them in the face, “She’s European.” The other party smiles, relieved, exhales and almost inevitably responds, “Oh…I see,” as if they know exactly what intercultural reference he’s making.

Melissa Lamson

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Melissa Lamson, Founder and President of Lamson Consulting, is an author, consultant, and speaker who accelerates the business expansion goals of today’s most successful companies by developing global mindset, refining leadership skills, and bridging cross cultural communication. More About Melissa Lamson