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Send More Female Managers to Work Across Cultures

An international expert has revealed that fewer than 20% of women are given international assignments or the opportunity to work across cultures in other countries in business, despite being well-equipped to handle the pressures of working abroad. Dr Tung dispelled three important myths many companies hold:

* In fact, women do want overseas assignments
* Other countries do want female expatriates
* Women do have the cross cultural skills to succeed

In her studies, Dr. Tung found no difference between men and women in their performance ratings nor in instances of early-return from an assignment. However, she did find that men encountered more problems related to cross cultural adjustment. In fact, Dr Tung’s studies have shown female managers were better able to cope with isolation abroad, because women placed greater emphasis on harmony and cooperation in their interactions across cultures with local people. Her studies have led her to suggest that female expatriates may in fact be the ‘model’ global manager.

Tips for Sending Expatriates Abroad:

* Cast a wide net for possible candidates
* Don’t jump to conclusions due to family, age, etc
* Assess emotional competence equally to technical skills
* Send expats on a look-and-see trip
* Don’t skimp on the quality of life factors
* Prepare expats for the cultural integration and adjustment

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