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In this episode of Culture Crush Rx,  Deb is joined by Melissa Lamson, CEO of Lamson Consulting and Kate Rogers, CEO of CoVibe. The ladies get into a lively discussion about inclusion and diversity in leadership, how to honor company culture when developing global teams, tackling communication gaps and so much more. Tune in to learn how to be a more open-minded, growth-oriented leader and discover the importance of looking inward to notice how the stories we tell ourselves about who we are affect how we lead others.


CoVibe is an agency that partners with Founders/Co- Founders/CEO’s to build their companies with a people-first mindset. We pride ourselves in building and shaping companies through culture, developing and enhancing programs that empower people, building authentic teams and coaching new managers/founders as their businesses scale and grow. Simply put, we build companies that people love. 


Kate Rogers is passionate about people, building companies & communities and inspiring others to harness their unique strengths and potential, both in and out of the office. She has been working with startups since 2005 in Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, Denver, New York and Phoenix. Currently, as the Founder and CEO of CoVibe. She partners with CEO’s to build companies that employees thrive in. Along those same lines, Kate lends her time and talent to supporting many local nonprofit and community organizations or entrepreneurs. She is proud to be Co-Lead of PHX Startup Week for 2019.

Outside of her work, she is also the proud mother of a 5-year-old, who is a constant reminder of the importance of inspiring the next generations of future leaders and innovators and celebrating the daily joys of life. She’s known for her approachability, authenticity, enthusiasm and natural ability to bring out “the fun” in groups she is leading.

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Lamson Consulting LLC provides executive coaching, leadership and management training for individuals, small, mid-sized and large corporations. Lamson Consulting refines professional skills to transform behavior and accelerate business growth. 


Melissa Lamson is a sought-after facilitator and coach, creating positive change in individuals and organizations. She works to develop inclusive leadership teams, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise, and up-leveling skills for the benefit of successful teamwork. Melissa’s personal mission is to make people happier at work. She has authored 6 books, including her most recent, The New Global Manager: Learning to Manage Well in a Complex Business Environment.

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Culture Crush Rx is an exploration of what makes a great company culture, how successful leaders create it, and how it affects the overall success of the company. We highlight the companies in our community who are crushing it with culture and get practical tips from local experts on how to do the same.

Each episode, we dive into real-life experiences, tips, and best practices for creating a healthy work environment in which everyone is functioning at their highest level and finding joy and satisfaction in their work. Whether you’re a top-level leader, a startup entrepreneur, or part of team, we aim to provide you with valuable insights to help make your work enjoyable and your life well-rounded.

If company culture isn’t consciously created, it will still be created.


Deb Caron is the owner and principal consultant of Anahata Marketing, a Phoenix-based marketing and brand communication consultancy that focuses on empathic listening and content creation to foster real connection between businesses and the customers they serve. She hosts Culture Crush Rx as part of her personal passion for helping people live healthier, more fulfilling, well-rounded lives. Deb is also a registered yoga teacher and she truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for the practice with her community. Deb can be reached at and on Linkedin.

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