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Helping Women Advance

Helping Women Advance

Over the past year, I’ve been asked more and more to facilitate sessions on gender communication and advancement strategies for women. So much so that I recently launched a coaching program exclusively for female leaders who want to learn how to improve communication in the workplace, accelerate career paths, and create a work-life balance. You can find out more about my Advancement Strategies for Women program here.

I’ve also found myself writing a lot about these topics and wanted to put highlights from the past year’s posts in one place for you:

  • Click here to see why women have a tough time saying “no” and how they can get better at it.
  • This article gives tips on how to have it all—a successful career and a healthy relationship. Hint: Communication is king (or queen).
  • Check out my controversial post on the three qualities successful female leaders in the global workforce share—and see if you agree with the LinkedIn commenters who said it was the worst advice they ever heard or the ones who said it was the best.
  • Here are tips on how to flirt and why it can be good for business.
  • This article gives women questions to ask to figure out if they need a mentor or sponsor, and what the difference is between the two.
  • This post discusses how women can be assertive without being called “bossy”—and why the word “bossy” needs to be banned.

Hopefully, these posts provide helpful guidance to women seeking career success. If you want more one-on-one assistance to improve communication with male colleagues, accelerate your career path, and create and sustain work-life balance, check out my Advancement Strategies for Women program here. Also, feel free to email me directly at moc.g1521767112nitlu1521767112snocn1521767112osmal1521767112@assi1521767112leM1521767112. I hope to hear from you!

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