Healthy Global Travel

You’ve packed your meeting materials, got your boarding pass, and charged up your iPad…

Before you depart on your business trip, add one more item to your itinerary: your health survival checklist.

The last souvenir you want to bring back from an otherwise productive trip is a head cold or unshakeable fatigue.

When I was interviewed by Technically Blonde regarding my travel tips, I provided an extensive list of suggested items to pack and some of my health tips, such as maintaining your sleep routine. After a recent trip left me feeling less than 100%, I regretted not using my usual bag o’ healthy tricks. It doesn’t take much room to pack, but presents a powerful defense against travel bugs.

Wipe it Clean

People make fun of me for this, but I recommend sanitizing your immediate environment. I have no shame in wiping down airplane seats, hotel room door handles, remote controls and any surface that I am unsure of.

Fend it Off

Plan to fortify yourself against germs (to the degree possible). You are going to be in closely packed spaces, sharing more than the agenda. I rely on vitamins and two supplements: COLD-FX and Traumeel.

Sweat it Out

Working up a sweat helps rid your body of built up toxins. Your smartphone gives you access to a variety of apps that can help you structure a brief but effective workout whether you have access to a gym or not. One of my favorites is the FitStar app. (On the other side of the fitness coin, consider a yoga app, which can help you calm frayed nerves and center yourself. One example is Yoga Download.

Sniff it Up

Consider exploring essential oils. Two of my favorites that help me relax and re-energize include lavender and bergamot. Lavender can also help with stress as can chamomile. For caffeine-free help maintaining focus, I like rosemary and frankincense. Marjoram can fend off jet lag. You can easily tuck a “sniffer” of essential oils discreetly in your bag.

In addition to these four powerhouse items in your bag o’ healthy tricks, also pack away these two “mindset tools”:

Be Culturally Aware

You have to be creative to take care of your health needs sometimes (for example – Americans have grown accustomed to asking for gluten-free, non MSG, or other special requests. In a German establishment you might be better off claiming to be allergic to the food item. Some countries are not as attuned to special dietary requests. You may need to discreetly inform your hosts ahead of time in a country where it would be considered offensive to turn down food.)

Listen to Your Body

If something feels “off,” don’t assume it will work itself out. Grab a few more minutes sleep; take a walk, or call home for the reassurance of a familiar voice.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a grind. With the right tools at your disposal, you can bring home the reassurance of a job well done or an adventurous story rather than your plane seat neighbor’s cold. Bon voyage!

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