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Global Corporate Citizenship: Wave of the Future

Emerging economies are becoming a major channel for new customers and investors, as well as employees.

To compete and differentiate themselves in varying and new environments companies and their workforce have to develop a global mindset. Cultural sensitivity and the capacity to collaborate on global assignments is an important step to evolving as a leader, but it must be backed up by a commitment to develop an organizational mindset that considers the needs of employees a, customers and stakeholders around the world.

Developing a global mindset is also crucial for understanding the new expectations and discussions that corporations are facing today. Global corporate citizenship will increase in importance and companies have to consider the global footprint of their businesses.

CSR on a global scale is not an easy task, but some Silicon Valley companies, such as HP already take on the challenge and present innovative social change startegies for the tech industry.

Melissa Lamson

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Melissa Lamson, Founder and President of Lamson Consulting, is an author, consultant, and speaker who accelerates the business expansion goals of today’s most successful companies by developing global mindset, refining leadership skills, and bridging cross cultural communication. More About Melissa Lamson