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Global Checklist for Your Go-To-Market Strategy!

Check-list for a Global Go-to-Market Strategy

In our interest to help global companies understand how to go-to-market successfully, we’ve put together an initial check-list of what to consider:

1) Do you know where your growth market is?2) Have you identified key relationships (globally)?

3) Are you working with a culturally aware market research firm?

4) Do you understand that market’s cultural values?

5) Is your product aligned with those cultural values?

6) How strong is your value proposition?

7) Have you studied your global market segments?

8) How accurate are your cost projections?

9) Have you accounted for special cross cultural logistical issues?

10) Is the global market “wired” well for your product?

11) Are you “ready” to-go-to-market globally?

12) Are your managers and employees culturally ready? Do they have a global mindset?

In May 2013, we’ll come out with the go-to-market strategy book, Why European Companies Fail in the US Market, And How Yours Can Succeed, where we address value proposition, unique product offering, setting up operations, market segmentation, and cultural matching in the United States. Don’t miss the launch!


Melissa Lamson

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