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5 Things Successful Global Executives Do Every Day (As Featured in Inc.)

Global BusinessI am thrilled to share my first Inc. Magazine post with you! For my first contribution, I focused on simple practices which can be the dividing line between success and failure when making deals abroad.

There are 5 actions executives can take right now to help with global business ventures.

For example, my first recommendation is to adapt your cultural practices.

…adapt your business practices to fit those from different backgrounds or cultures. Whether it be making decisions over late night drinks or during afternoon tea, adapting to cultural norms is critical for ensuring deals are made.

Along with this, it’s important to approach negotiations with an open mind. Respect and be empathetic to those from different backgrounds than yours.

To read the other four recommendations, please click here to read the entire article!

Since I will be a recurring contributor, I look forward to sharing more Inc. posts with you in the future!

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