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Global Business Trends 2013

Three Global Business Trends 2013

by Melissa Lamson


1) Mexico is the next big growth market  

Brazil, Russia, India and China are still strong and in some cases still steadily growing. However China has almost become too expensive to be considered a growth market anymore, with Brazil close behind,  and many companies are looking for other unexplored markets. Perhaps, surprisingly, Mexico is on the radar screen. The situation has hit rock bottom and politicians have said, “Enough!” Mexico’s currently looking to revise, revamp and make its mark in 2013 in the world of global business.

2) Social responsibility is at the forefront 

It’s rare to find someone who is successful who isn’t giving back these days and social entrepreneurs are rocking the business world. If you run a large multinational or a small consultancy and you’re not considering what and how you’re conducting business and how your “social” footprint as well as “environmental” footprint impacts the world, you won’t relate to this generation’s global workforce nor clientele. Today, people care more about meaning and less about materialism.

3)  Mobile, mobile, mobile!  

If you have a business, you have to make it easily seen on all devices – phones, tablets, and the internet. SmartPhones are the absolute norm globally and everyone is accessing information over them first. If you want to be truly global, double-check if your website, store, services, or info is accessible by phone? If not, you’re going to be left behind!

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Melissa Lamson

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