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What exactly does the word “connected” mean? We often feel connected by our devices, which can display events a world away in real time. At the same time, it easy to feel isolated as we struggle to keep up with a world which is rapidly evolving.

These five pieces touch on various concepts about connection. I hope they help you feel more “in touch” with the world around you!

These Ten Countries are the Most Globally Connected from Bloomberg Business states that “reports of the death of globalization are premature.” From my perspective, traveling around the globe and hearing the experiences of people in many different countries, “dead” is hardly how I would define global efforts!

“Dead” is hardly how I would define global efforts! {TWEET THIS}

Here’s an interesting connection development! In China and Britain face rare opportunity of economic and trade cooperation, minister says from New China, a look at the possibilities brought about from recent China-UK trade gatherings. Ten accords of cooperation involving fields such as finance, food, auto parts and medicine were signed. Talk about the possibilities of global relationships!

Let’s go all the way Down Under to Australia for a story! I caught this recent Australian news story about Garry Ridge, an Australian who is CEO of WD-40, an extremely common lubricant spray used in homes and garages all over the world! When I dug deeper, I became quite intrigued with Mr. Ridge’s philosophies around maintaining a globally engaged workforce. In this case study, he discusses strategies such as “an assurance to his employees that he will address each of their grievances within 24 hours.”

In Too Many Hairdressers and Not Enough Bricklayers? from the Edinburgh Business School, a look at the mismatch between the supply of and demand for houses which has caused some serious problems in the UK. I am always interested in a country’s housing supply trends; they can be a barometer for so many quality of life issues.

Creativity abounds in Africa, in so many business arenas. This story from CNN about Africa’s first Spotify-like digital music service caught my eye. As the article mentions, “Africa’s music scene has recently started attracting attention from global giants.” What better way to keep profits local while making music global than taking control of the business end? The service, MusikBi, “lists about 600 songs from a diverse group of artists, including internationally renowned musicians like Coumba Gawlo Seck and Duggy Tee, one of Africa’s most famous hip hop stars.”

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