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3 Lessons Every Female Entrepreneur Should Learn From Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton made history during the Democratic National Convention when she became the first woman ever selected to run for president by a major political party. There are three questions I think many of us would like to ask the presidential candidate, but never would.

For example, many of us would ask how you know when to take a risk:

Leading and starting businesses are full of risks. And, throughout Hillary’s career, she’s had to take some pretty big risks, too.

She was in the situation room when Osama Bin Laden was killed. She prevailed over Vice President Biden to send in more troops to Afghanistan. She helped President Obama decide whether or not to use military force in Libya.

Research shows that women are twice as more cautious than men. Instead of jumping in, they take calculated risks. They get advice from multiple sources and arm themselves with the best information possible so that they can be confident in their decisions.

It’s likely Hillary has done this (especially in matters of life and death).

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Female Entrepreneurs

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