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Diversity & Inclusion @ Watermark in The Silicon Valley

Where’s the Diversity in Silicon Valley?

While Silicon Valley is renown for cultural diversity and innovation – with the first fostering the second – its surprising how little ethnicity, race, and relationships across cultures are discussed, actively promoted, or even leveraged in the Bay Area. A unique committee at Watermark, the leading organization in the Bay Area for female executives, has created a series of events which discuss the unspoken: a lack of Diversity & Inclusion in our own professional networks. We felt it was important to take a deeper look into how inclusive we truly are in the Valley. Do all cultural groups feel included equally? Are we leveraging Diversity in our personal and professional relationships to the fullest? Where might we unintentionally exclude others? What is our particular role as women?

The first in a series of many conversations about Diversity & Inclusion in the Silicon Valley, we will focus on the experiences of African American and Latina women who work in the Bay Area. The purpose of this conversation is to learn what we may not know, transform our approach to business, and to grow our networks in a new way. As a Bay Area organization that supports innovation and networking, Watermark believes that by having courageous conversations about Diversity, inclusion/exclusion, the experience of Black and Latina women in business, and breaking down the barriers that keep us from building strong, diverse networks with one another, we can increase and sustain opportunities for success individually, professionally, and in our communities.

Join us May 10th at Ebay’s headquarters at 6pm for the first interactive, provocative and thought-provoking discussion on Diversity and Inclusion including film clips, case studies, and small group discussion. You are guaranteed to leave with a new perspective on Diversity & Inclusion! For more information and to register click here:

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