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Develop Your Child’s Global Mindset

It’s never too late -or too early- to start learning how to act globally. Providing the opportunity for children to learn about other cultures is a wonderful chance for them to develop a global mindset. Children absorb knowledge and behaviors quickly and easily. In fact, the research shows that when families transfer abroad, it’s consistently the children who have the easiest time transitioning. Young people are usually more open to new experiences, new people, and have less fear of the unknown. Take this opportunity to teach them about the world and give them a good start to living and working in an international context.

Here are 3 out of 7 things you can do as a parent to help develop your child’s global mindset:

1) Put a world map in your child’s room. Have conversations about different countries and places on the map, mark where you might want to travel to someday.

2) Make your own toys with a global theme. Here’s a website with ways to make and play international games:

3) Choose television programs with global topics. A program that takes place in different countries is a good way for a child to get impressions of how others live.

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Melissa Lamson

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