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Determining Global Mindset In Your Organization

6 Powerful Questions You Need to Ask

What do employees around the world really think?
What motivates people to do a better job globally?
Are you able to improve virtual teamwork?
Are your worldwide processes and procedures ethnocentric?
Why do people leave and go to a competitor?
Is email communication pissing people off?

Some employees in the world are afraid to speak up and share with their managers or tell headquarters what they are unhappy about or which processes could be improved. In others you’ll hear nothing but critical feedback and complaints on how things aren’t working or what could be improved. It’s important to find the right channels for feedback, listen, and transform what needs to change.

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, you must find them. Create task teams and develop a culturally sensitive feedback process to get the right answers which reflect the reality of the situation. Contact and expert like Melissa Lamson to help you. *protected email*

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