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Cultural Shift: Latinos Drink Wine

The San Jose Mercury News reported that a recent survey found Latinos drink 50% more wine in their households now than in 2005. In the Bay Area, many of the farm workers and grape-pickers at the wineries in the region have been of Latin cultural  background. Ironically, wine was not a common beverage amongst this culturally diverse group. However there has been a cultural shift. Today, many Latinos not only drink wine but are making their own. In fact there are several wineries which offer tours in the Spanish language, appealing to the Spanish-speaking cultures (aside from Spain, Argentina, and Chile) who are rather new to wine appreciating – at least in this country. It is a testament to the hard-working immigrant who has the chance to work their way up from farming to running a winery business. I, for one, love the Arroyo winery in Calistoga, they offer a simple yet lovely atmosphere to taste and enjoy wines. Viva the Latin world and another interesting shift in global business.

Melissa Lamson

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