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Cultural Diversity in Silicon Valley

There has been a lot of talk about cultural diversity in Silicon Valley and I find it interesting who’s included in that diversity and who isn’t. If you go into a mall in San Jose, 80% of the people shopping are from Asian background. If you walk the halls of the very global company, IBM in Foster City, 80% of those working in the office are of Indian background. When you walk around San Francisco, you see all cultures representing the wonderful melting pot, or the preferred expression, “salad bowl” (we maintain our unique identities but co-exist together) that the U.S. society has continually cultivated.

But where are the Black and Latino professionals? There are a smattering out there, but I don’t see them at networking functions, women’s groups, nor do they attend my local workshops or presentations very often. Is there a lack of professionals from these racial and cultural backgrounds? Or is there a different perspective to visibility or networking? I would like to see Silicon Valley truly embrace the Diversity that exists, but I question how well we’re able to provide an environment of inclusion for all cultures here. It’s something I’d like those of here to think about.

Melissa Lamson

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Melissa Lamson, Founder and President of Lamson Consulting, is an author, consultant, and speaker who accelerates the business expansion goals of today’s most successful companies by developing global mindset, refining leadership skills, and bridging cross cultural communication. More About Melissa Lamson