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Cross Cultural Difficulties for Javier Bardem

In the Cohen Brother’s movie, No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem plays a wicked man. In fact, I found it extremely hard to watch. According to a recent interview he gave on NPR, Javier had always wanted to work with the Cohen Brothers. When they approached him with this role, he said, “But I don’t really speak English well, I’ve never been to the heartland of America, and I hate violence.” The Cohen brothers said, “You’re perfect.”

In addition to finding out whose idea the hilarious, yet, eerie evil Beetle’s-like haircut was (, the interview was generally fascinating. Javier said his biggest challenge was a cross cultural one – working with a entirely foreign cast for the first time. He was the only Spanish-speaker on set and said he felt very much like an outsider most of the time. Cross cultural consulting for the stars? Oh, I’d love that. Especially considering my Masters advisor was Matt Damon’s stepfather.

Melissa Lamson

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