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Cross Cultural Business in Argentina

Argentina is an amazing country. This cultural mecca is an architectural wonder, some say it’s a combination of Paris, Milan, and the best of Latin America. And if you’re looking for a city that surpasses the culture of New York or London in terms of energy… Check out the capital, Buenas Aires! It’s fast and fun, beautiful and glamourous, but most of all easy to socialize and enjoy. There are amazing sites in Argentina, great wine, and good food.

If you’re doing global business there, its also quite pleasant. In this culture, people like to socialize in business which makes it fun and for the most part things function, schedules are kept, and people are driven to succeed.

Here are a few cross cultural tips to consider when doing business in Argentina:

1) Like many countries, small talk is critically important. Share something personal about yourself.

2) Most Argentines are short-term oriented in business, and much more pragmatic, different from their European roots.

3) Status is very important, talk about material wealth, your education, and brands that appeal internationally. It’s not considered negative but instead establishes credibility. (But be careful wearing expensive accessories while in the country, due to high crime areas.)

4) Trust is built face-to-face, better to meet first for lunch or dinner, it will kick-off a good business relationship.

5) Argentina is a vertical society and decision-makers aren’t always obvious, make sure you’re speaking with one or know someone who can influence the decision-maker.

6) For statistical information on doing business in Argentina:

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