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A Strategy for Eradicating Gender Discrimination and Leveraging Diversity

Five MBA students at the Graduate School of Management at UC Davis proposed the following strategy to eradicate potential gender discrimination and leverage Diversity in a global organization:

“We would first bring in a 3rd party company to conduct a survey and concurrently interview a large section of the workforce with special emphasis on women. We want to survey everyone and conduct 360 interviews to get a true understanding of the situation and to see where the issue originates and how wide spread it is. We are bringing in a 3rd party to give employees the security of both anonymous surveys and the “safe room”/individualized experience of speaking with an impartial team.”

We would then enact the following programs:

  • Mentor/Women leadership programs to not only build a career path for women, but to build an open line of communication with management (not all female employees, but enough that there should be an impact)
  • Look at management staff and see if women are represented.  If not, we need to look for some to promote or bring in.
  • Diversity Training for all employees. With the curriculums designed for particular audiences (i.e. managers, executives, subordinates, etc)
  • Training program/classes to empower employees to speak up and actively participate, so that not only are the managers ready to listen, but female employees are given the tools to make it happen
  • Hire staff (dependent on size of company) as an onsite advocate and to maintain the new policies
  • Introduce a woman friendly perk, though it shouldn’t be woman-centric (day care, flexible work schedule, tuition discounts, scholarships for children, adoption funding, on-site massages, gym membership discounts, etc.)
  • Periodic audits to ensure continued success
  • Periodic return of 3rd party surveys/interviews to act as on-going reminder
  • Internal and external Marketing campaign reinforcing the company’s dedication to diversity with particular focus on woman friendly environment

Names of the strategy authors are: Kevin Mendenhall, Alex Seal, Parry Pardun, Dylan Selvig and Jessa Reus

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