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7 Ways Global Managers Can Resolve Employee Conflict Across Cultures

As long as a globally operating business employs more than one person, its employees will occasionally have cross cultural conflict with one another. So long as the office manager knows how to successfully mediate employee cross cultural conflicts, these conflicts can be managed and the business’ operations will not suffer. If employee conflicts are not dealt with promptly and effectively, however, the cross cultural conflict can poison the office atmosphere and may even threaten the future of the global business. Effective cross cultural conflict management is one of the most essential skills a global manager can possess.

Maintain Impartiality

A global manager can only be an effective cross cultural conflict mediator if her employees perceive her as a fair and impartial referee. If culturally diverse employees perceive that their global manager is playing favorites, they will soon begin to lose respect for their global manager. The manager’s favored employees may begin to bully their co-workers, secure in the knowledge that they will not be punished.

Let Both Parties Tell Their Story

When mediating a dispute, an effective global manager must hear both sides of a cross cultural conflict before trying to resolve it. Whenever possible, both parties should be present as they tell their story. Give each employee a chance to talk without interruption. If the two stories do not add up, the manager should ask uninvolved culturally diverse employees to corroborate the stories. The global manager should ensure that he has all the facts about a dispute before coming to a decision.

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