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6 Ways to Make Global Travel (Almost) A Joy

Sometimes the trickiest part about working globally is dreading the traveling to far-away countries. It’s tiresome, hard on the body, and the experience with personnel in airports and on airplanes can be mediocre at best. If you’re lucky, you get to travel business or first class, on an airline known for stellar service and great food. But even if you have a comfortable flight, there’s the time spent sitting in one place, breathing recycled air, and passing the hours staring at eye-straining monitors. Once you land, you may feel dry-eyed, general body creakiness, or flu-like symptoms. Either way, a long journey impacts the mind and body and your ability to cope with simple (or complex) tasks may be affected. Here are a few ways to adjust your thought process, develop a more global mindset, and re-energize your body when traveling:

1)Spend some time reading about the country you’re going to. It will decrease your anxiety and you’ll start to get excited about trying a new restaurant, seeing a site, or understanding how things work day-to-day in the area.

2)Don’t only talk biz in advance. Ask your colleagues and team members who are local to the area if they’d like to have a team dinner one night. It’s a nice way to show you’re interested in the people and the place and it’ll make your trip more fun.

3)Call the hotel and ask ahead for amenities. More pillows, an upgraded executive room, an extra quiet room, or one that has been recently upgraded will make the difference in your comfort. (Hotels upgrade their rooms constantly.)

4)Don’t drink beer, wine or other alcohol on the plane. This will make you feel bloated and groggy. Did you know alcohol stays in your system and can affect your emotional well-being for up to 24 hours after the fact?

5)Drop your bags and immediately head outside for a brisk 30 minute walk (or if you’re a runner, run!). It will get your blood pumping, let in some good air, and the bonus is you get to see what’s around the area. Sweating and exercising will help blast the jet-lag “blahs” and help you get a goodnight sleep, too.

6)Finally, eat lightly the first night (at least). Fish or soup, minimal carbs, and no fried foods. And keep your room nice and cool at night to sleep more soundly.

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Melissa Lamson

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