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3 Simple Skills Every Spectacular Leader Masters

Leading today is complicated. Our teams are global and virtual. Our hierarchies are flatter. Our environments are more collaborative. On top of that, there are so many different models of leadership out there. Should you be compassionate? Should you be a serving leader? What’s the difference between the two?

Obviously, it can be overwhelming for many leaders to think about all the different ways they can lead and how to pick the best fit.

But fear not. There are really just three core competencies all leaders must have to be spectacular.

One of the key core competencies is Create a Feedback Loop:

Leaders often cite giving feedback, especially the negative kind, as one of the toughest parts of their jobs. They don’t want to make their teams feel uncomfortable, hurt feelings, or impair relationships.

The way around this is to create a culture of feedback where the practice is seen as a positive for both the individual and the organization rather than something to be feared. Give both constructive and positive commentary on a regular basis.

But keep two things in mind–first, make sure you’re clear in your intention. Tell the recipient the purpose of your comments, whether it is to grow, improve their image, or protect them. Second, don’t talk about hearsay or feelings. Stick to observable facts.

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