3 Ways to Know Who You Are as a Global Leader

International Leadership

No matter if you lead in Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, New York, Buenos Aires or Sydney, these are critical questions to answer if you want to make a difference as a leader and stand for something:

1. Who are you as a leader?

2. What is your legacy?

3. What is your impact?

Paul N. Larsen, author of Find Your Voice as a Leader, shared his thoughts on the answers to these questions in this post.

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International Leadership

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6 Ways to Make Business Personal — and Why You Should

I often write about differences across cultures but a conversation with Susan Fowler, author of Why Motivation Doesn’t Work and What Does, whose work is to share the science of motivation and the tools for applying it, reminded me that we all share some fundamental commonalities. We want to spend time with family or friends, have fun, and learn or accomplish new things.

Here are 3 ways Susan believes leaders can do a better job of making business personal:

  • They need to help people find meaning in their work.
  • They need to promote values-based behavior.
  • They need to remind people how their work contributes to a greater good.

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Interpersonal Communication

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