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10 Ways to Establish Cultural Continuity in Your Global Organization

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is the creation of common values and behaviors that make up company culture and foster a sense of unified purpose amongst employees. Organizations struggle to stream-line, align and get buy-in to processes and procedures when they lack what we call: Cultural Continuity. The good news is you can acquire this! If you’d like to establish a cohesive company culture and get your people on board to it, here are a few tips to get started:

10 Ways to Establish Cultural Continuity in Your Global Organization

1) Create situations – facilitated meetings, surveys, virtual platforms – where you can hear what employees think, believe and value.

2) Incorporate diverse viewpoints into corporate mission statements, internal marketing campaigns, and overall company values.

3) Create a slogan that’s easy to remember and resonates with employees across departments, business units, regions and even country locations.

4) Empower leaders with messaging that supports cultural cohesiveness, make sure every public speaking opportunity addresses the topic.

5) Employees and managers should utilize mantras and principles which support a unified company approach with their teams.

6) Create common procedures and processes and get buy-in by training individuals to use them. Allow for adaptation to local markets.

7) Understand where the gaps are in organizational efficiency and effectiveness by using the 20/20 Cultural Agility Gauge TM.  

The Cultural Agility Gauge TM
The Cultural Agility Gauge TM


8) Develop savvy and innovative ways remote employees or those in the field can feel connected to the company as a whole.

9) Ensure the on-boarding process includes a cultural component, explaining the identity of the company and providing training on values and behaviors.

10) Be willing to reflect and critically think about the culture of the organization and make adjustments as necessary.

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