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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Team is Underperforming

Creating and sustaining a high-performing team isn’t easy. In my work with clients like LinkedIn and SAP, I’ve discovered the three components absolutely necessary for developing this essential unit.

One component that helps teams remain high performing is open communication:

Communication is key for any relationship and a cohesive team is, really, a network of close relationships. Research from MIT shows that 40 percent of creative teams’ productivity is directly explained by the amount of communication they have with others.

So, regular open and honest communication at all levels is a must. Frequent and specific updates should be given to all members so no one is left out of the loop.

Team members must be educated on what other parts of the unit are doing and responsible for to ensure their work is supporting other functions. Everyone must feel included and the floor should be open for anyone to contribute to discussions at any point. Boundaries and territories don’t exist in successful teams.

Also, conflict must be addressed immediately. An exercise one of my clients uses with her partners includes a “conflict circle” held at the beginning of every team meeting so issues can be discussed before they bubble up into crises.

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