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"Melissa's facilitation and coaching work in our world-class managers and leaders program - ManageIn - have accelerated the ability for participants to reflect on their own communication style, understand the behavior of others, and manage through a variety of challenging situations. Melissa brings a unique international perspective to all aspects of day-to-day management challenges in a fast-growing global environment. I also appreciate her willingness to reflect on the learning process, excitement to contribute content, and desire to be a solid team-player."
—Emma Dawson, Head of Leadership Development, LinkedIn

"I would highly recommend taking advantage of Melissa's plethora of unique insider knowledge about working across cultures. She is able to break concepts down into digestible best practices and my team truly benefited from her expertise."
—Joao Paulo da Silva, Head of EMEA Marketing, SAP

"As a presenter, Melissa brilliantly adapts her communication style to accommodate diverse cultural perspectives in the room. Her ability to walk the talk models what all employees and managers at successful global companies need to master."
—Rami Branitzky, Global SVP Sustainability, SAP Americas

"Melissa's contribution for what to consider in a firm’s global strategy has been invaluable to our efforts here at Cisco. Her ability to navigate through complex leadership initiatives and provide new content has continued to nurture our success."
—Marilyn Nagel, Chief Diversity Officer, Cisco Systems Inc.

"Melissa was instrumental in building and managing our teams in Singapore - they understand our style of management and we understand the expectations in the Singapore market."
—Barbara David, Head of Human Resources, Commerzbank

"Melissa was a tremendous help in our global expansion because of the cross-cultural training that our German-US team received. Our global expansion would not have been as successful without the intercultural training and strategic support from Melissa."
—Eric D. Veit, Vice President, Admedes Inc.

"Melissa has been a valuable asset to our leadership team. She facilitates communication between our operations here in the US and our European headquarters. This makes our teamwork far more effective and reduces down-time for misunderstandings."
—Gene Dul, President, Schreiner MediPharm L.P.

"We developed our European Diversity Strategy with Melissa’s help, our merger was a success, and our employees really engaged in the process."
—Holger Letzel, CFO, MTV Central Europe

"Melissa possesses a keen understanding of the nuances and distinctions in cross-cultural issues and has a self-possessed, confident, and approachable style of consulting. The scope of her expertise also gave the presentation a global perspective that broadened the participants' understanding of the complexity of the subject."
—Linda Higueras, VP Employee Relations, Silver Oak Cellars


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