#Cultural Transformation Tweet
Business Advice on Agility and Communication Across Cultures

Paperback book by Melissa Lamson

Not so very long ago, corporate careers were defined by geography and stayed pretty much local. A manager worked with customers, vendors and employees in the vicinity, usually within driving distance, and certainly within her or his cultural and time zones. No longer. Virtually any middle manager you talk to today has worked across cultures and geographies with diverse, multicultural and global teams. As a result of this shift, almost every organization today is experiencing a massive cultural transformation.

Melissa’s keen understanding and grip of cross cultural issues and communication come to you in the eminently actionable and accessible tweet format with her newest book, #CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION TWEET. The book is a compilation of cutting-edge advice from Melissa and from other equally talented global business leaders skilled in cultural communication, cultural agility, and change management. If you are responsible for leading cultural transformation in your company or have ever been called upon to steer a team through a change process, particularly a trans-cultural shift, then this book is necessary, and maybe even vital, to your success.

Table of Contents
Section I: Cultural Transformation?: How It Works
Section II: Developing Cultural Agility: The Key to Transformation
Section III: The Role of a Leader in Cultural Transformation
Section IV: Transforming Our Communication Across Cultures
Section V: Sustaining Cultural Transformation

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No Such Thing As Small Talk:
7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture

Paperback book by Melissa Lamson

Not only does Melissa clearly lie out the differences in German business culture, but she also offers a broad perspective that is rich with personal narrative. If you plan to be in any way professionally engaged with Germany–whether you wish to participate in trade fairs, carry out negotiations with partners or colleagues, discuss schedules or terms with customers, or even apply for a job in Germany–the appropriate cultural understanding, as this book describes, will create mutual trust and will quite likely be the key to your business success.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Big Talk, Myths & Status Symbols
Chapter 2 – Key #1: Seriousness Is a Virtue
Chapter 3 – Key #2: Be Reliable
Chapter 4 – Key #3: The Train Comes at 8:52 a.m.
Chapter 5 – Key #4: We Think the Opposite
Chapter 6 – Key #5: Email Builds Relationship
Chapter 7 – Key #6: “I need it yesterday” Doesn’t Motivate
Chapter 8 – Key #7: Directness Doesn’t Hurt
Chapter 9 – Stuff People Ask (FAQs)
Chapter 10 – Don’t Forget to Have Fun

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Successful US Market Entry:
Culture, Strategy, & Practice

(currently in German, English version coming soon)

Many European companies fail to be successful in the US because they simply don’t understand how the American market works. Perceived similarities between Europeans and Americans often lead to the conclusion “We are the same!” In reality, business processes, decision-making, management-style and especially buying behavior are fundamentally different. Mistaking our common customs and shared history for a similar approach to business shows a lack of cultural awareness that can lead to an unsuccessful go-to-market strategy. Through current research, qualitative interviews with European managers, and a thorough strategy-to-deployment analysis, this book will explore reasons for failure in the US market and propose a step-by-step methodology to guarantee successful market entry!

Table of Contents
1.Understanding the impact of culture on business
2.Your company’s value proposition
3.Market Definition & Exploration
4.Determining the organization’s cultural fit
5.If You’re Ready to Go to the US – Key strategic steps
6.You’re There! – Sustaining your business investment

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