Article: Be Aware of Cultural Differences

Global Chamber in the ISSUU | May 2014

Melissa gives examples of what to be aware of in different countries.


Article: How to Expand Your Business and Take it Global | May 2014

Melissa lends provides companies with strategic tips about going global.


Article: Businesses Need a Global Mindset to Be Successful Overseas | May 2014

Melissa lends her behavioral development expertise to leaders looking to go global.


Article: Women Stand Out and Be Successful in the Tech Field | April 2014

Melissa discusses challenges and opportunities for women in the tech industry.


Article: Managing A Global Workforce

Contact Center Pipeline | December 2013

Melissa gives an interview about Global Mindset and Leadership


Article: Managing Diversity in Brazil

Diversity Journal | January/February 2013

Melissa with Dell & SAP talk about Diversity Management in Brazil.


Article: Managing Diversity in Sweden

Diversity Journal | November/December 2012

Melissa with Ikea talk about Diversity Management in Sweden.


Interview: Globalizing Your Diversity Strategy

Diversity Journal | March/April 2012

Melissa with SAP & Adidas talk about Global Diversity in U.S. companies today.


Interview: Getting a Job [from abroad] In Silicon Valley

Computerwoche | March 27th, 2012

Melissa talks about what it takes to get a job in Silicon Valley.


Interview: Doing Business in Germany

Open Forum | March 8th, 2012

Melissa and others talk about how Americans can set up a business in Germany.


Interview: Melissa Lamson, Author of No Such Thing as Small Talk, 7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture | September 19th, 2011

Melissa's reviews the content of her book.


Blog Reference: Another Cultural Quickie
Written Wright | August 9th, 2011

Melissa's blog on cultural communication is referenced.


Interview: How To Love An American Man
Your Tango | July 1, 2011
Melissa talks about the unspoken keys to understanding how dating American men differs from men of other cultural backgrounds.


Interview: Innovation from Cross Cultural Teamwork: A Conversation with Melissa Lamson
Ragsdale's Eye On Service | March 10, 2011
Melissa describes the content of her signature course, Innovation from Cross Cultural Teamwork, which she presented at the Technology Services World (TSW) Conference.


Article: How to Create a Feedback Culture in Your Global Organization
Communication Director | February, 2011
Melissa shares five steps to reduce down-time, frustration and misunderstanding.


Interview: What to Consider When Moving to America or Moving to Germany
The American Dream | June 23, 2011
Melissa gives advice on what expats need to know when relocating for business to America or Germany.


Article: Healthy Work-Life Balance Promotes Inclusion, Diverse Insights, Penske's Company Newsletter
Penske: Diverse Insights Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2011
Melissa suggests five ways that employers can help promote work-life balance in order to encourage more inclusive and productive teamwork.


Interview: Why Understanding the Culture of International Markets is a "Must-Do" for Going Global"
The American Entrepreneur | June 20, 2011
Melissa talks with David Iwinski about the things a company needs to know about going global.

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