We’re Number One!

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Do diversity awards help or hinder diversity and inclusion success?

Global Growth

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Seven ways to help you on your way to getting a global mindset.

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Knowing as much as possible about the culture in which you want to do business is critical to your mission. Here are some cultural windows.

How Diversity Differs from Inclusion

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In order to achieve them in the workplace, identify and know the difference between diversity and inclusion.

#WomenAdvance: How Female Leaders Can Take Charge of Their Own Careers

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Identify and deal with internal obstacles to your career advancement.

Quiz: Are You Too Stressed Out at Work?

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A little work-related stress is normal, too much is not. If you’re wondering about your own stress levels, take this quick quiz.

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Getting your business accepted by other cultures means learning how they do business and doing it their way.

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Understanding cross-cultural differences, diversity and gender is especially important in the legal field.

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Don’t let your leadership development programs stay stuck in yesterday’s business environment.

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Bridge the communication gap between men and women, and your organization will perform better and be more profitable.

Are diversity awards a help or a hindrance to true diversity and inclusion success?

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Melissa’s reviews the content of her book.

Interview: Melissa Lamson, Author of No Such Thing as Small Talk, 7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture

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Melissa’s blog on cultural communication is referenced.

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Interview: Innovation from Cross Cultural Teamwork: A Conversation with Melissa Lamson

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Melissa describes the content of her signature course, Innovation from Cross Cultural Teamwork, which she presented at the Technology Services World (TSW) Conference.

Interview: Innovation from Cross Cultural Teamwork: A Conversation with Melissa Lamson

Communication Director | February, 2011
Melissa shares five steps to reduce down-time, frustration and misunderstanding.

Interview: What to Consider When Moving to America or Moving to Germany

The American Dream | June 23, 2011
Melissa gives advice on what expats need to know when relocating for business to America or Germany.

Article: Healthy Work-Life Balance Promotes Inclusion, Diverse Insights, Penske’s Company Newsletter

Penske: Diverse Insights Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2011
Melissa suggests five ways that employers can help promote work-life balance in order to encourage more inclusive and productive teamwork.

Interview: Why Understanding the Culture of International Markets is a “Must-Do” for Going Global”

The American Entrepreneur | June 20, 2011
Melissa talks with David Iwinski about the things a company needs to know about going global.