Melissa Lamson: Global Intelligence Coach
One of Melissa’s favorite places:
Cape Town, South Africa
Melissa’s reading:
The Culture Map
Melissa’s watching:
The Blacklist
Melissa recommends:
Culture Compass, a business app

Melissa’s favorite quote right now:
“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

For almost two decades I’ve been what’s called an Interculturalist. That means I’m someone who studies the way people from diverse cultural backgrounds think and behave. Growing up living in multiple countries, and with neighbors from all over the world, I was always curious about the habits and customs of other cultures. So naturally when I had the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Intercultural Relations I jumped at the chance.

People often assume this kind of program focuses on greeting, eating and lifestyle habits. In reality, I studied how diverse cultures conducted business, prioritized decisions, led projects, dealt with customers, and delegated and managed. After being mentored by experts in diversity management, cross-cultural psychology, and intercultural communication, I launched my own business in Boston. Three years later, I was offered a professional opportunity in Germany and moved overseas.

Over the next 10 years, I ran two successful companies. Lamson Consulting was focused on global intercultural (or cross cultural, as they call it in the US) training & consulting. Diversity Works focused on diversity management and was actually the first company to offer services in intercultural, diversity, and anti-discrimination management across Europe. We won an award for being a part of the Diversity Charter in Germany and worked with the European Union on projects related to cultural inclusion.

In 2008 my life changed again when I met my American husband in an elevator in Palo Alto. (Yes, he has an excellent elevator pitch.) I sold my European business, Diversity Works and moved back to the US, bringing my global consultancy, Lamson Consulting, with me. Today, I live with my husband and stepson in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Over the years, my business focus has evolved from bridging cultures to developing global mindset and working on strategic projects with leaders all over the world. These days I can most often be found collaborating with companies to expand their operations abroad, refine their management behaviors, and accelerate their financial goals. The business world has truly become a global landscape – and I am passionate about helping organizations successfully navigate that expansion.