Call Melissa if...

  • Your company needs to develop a global mindset.

  • Cultural agility and innovation is just a pipe-dream.

  • Your global operations are complex and time-consuming.

  • Communication across cultures is confusing.

  • Your global teams struggle with time zones, distance, and lack of feedback.

Global Services


Lamson Consulting provides the following workshops:

  • Global Mindset Development for Leadership Success
  • Cross Cultural Skills for Managers
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback in Your Organization
  • Coaching & Mentoring Across Cultures
  • Managing Virtual Teams & Remote Employees
  • Communication Between Women & Men in the Workplace
  • Creating Global Inclusion: Train-the-Trainer

Cultural Consulting Elite™

Cultural Consulting Elite™ is a special program to kick-start and accelerate your cross cultural & diversity consulting business. You will learn how to monetize IP, develop a marketing strategy, and sell more business. Use your knowledge and degree to start a successful cross cultural and diversity consulting business today!

Cultural Continuity Program™

The Cultural Continuity Program™ will take your organization to the next level by accelerating the development of a cohesive company culture, getting buy-in from stakeholders globally, and improve efficiency and communication across cultures and locations.

Globalist On-Call™ Coaching

Melissa Lamson is pleased to bring you her exclusive coaching program for global executives, Globalist On-Call™. When you join the program, you get immediate answers to today's complex global business issues. Learn how to phrase words appropriately across cultures, motivate employees across global locations, and lead meetings to gain buy-in on international strategy.


Every week, Melissa Lamson hosts the varied and unique #GlobalMindsetChat on Twitter. The only one of its kind, #GlobalMindsetChat provides pertinent information on global, cross cultural, intercultural, and diversity topics that impact global business and the economy today. Follow me on twitter @melissa_lamson1


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