Tip: Did you know Small Talk is the key to doing business successfully with Americans? It’s nice, but Small Talk is not really needed in Germany and the style with which its done is completely different. What Americans and Germans consider appropriate is often completely different...


About Melissa Lamson, MA Intercultural Relations

Melissa Lamson has a Masters Degree in Intercultural Relations and is certified as an intercultural trainer & consultant. She lived in Germany from 1998-2008 and her base of business operations was Frankfurt am Main. Melissa speaks German and English.

As well as consulting large multinationals like 3M, Blackberry (RIM), Bombardier, Commerzbank, Daimler, Lilly, OMV, and SAP. Melissa also works with many small and mid-sized companies like Admedes, Hornschuch, MBTech, Parador, and Schreiner.

Melissa coached foreign advisors to Chancellors Schroeder and Merkel and news media leaders at Der Spiegel, N-24, and SAT 1 on creating press synergies with the United States. Further, Melissa worked with German Embassies around the world on developing international relations.

In, 2007, Melissa was presented with an award for her commitment to Diversity work in Germany and was nominated as one of the top 25 female entrepreneurs.

She is a member of the Society of Intercultural Education and Research, the German-American Business Association, and sits on the board of Women In Consulting, in the Bay Area.

Melissa has taught at leading business schools and universities in Germany: EBS, HHL, Wittenberg-Herdecke Hamburg and Humboldt Universities. She has also been a guest speaker at UCDavis, Stanford, and Harvard Universities.

Currently, Melissa lives in Silicon Valley, California and travels regularly back and forth to Germany. She trains Germans to work with Americans successfully and trains Americans to communicate with Germans more effectively. Melissa also helps companies set up operations in the US, introducing them to potential business partners, assisting with logistics and locations, and guides them through communication issues with customers, suppliers, and employees.



Melissa’s signature courses, “Working Effectively with Colleagues from Germany” and “Working Effectively with Colleagues from the US” have been instrumental in helping German and American employees, managers, and company leaders work successfully in one another’s country contexts.

Topics discussed in the training are:

  • The mentality of the people and where it came from
  • How rules are made and followed
  • Decision-making
  • Feedback/giving criticism/performance reviews
  • Meaning behind words and getting commitment on deliverables
  • Project management
  • The approach to selling, presenting, meetings, and negotiations
  • Recruiting, hiring, and retiring employees





Melissa also provides consulting on overall company strategy in the US or German markets; she will review marketing materials and sales presentations, develop employee incentives, and create HR development programs in partnership with your company.


Entering the US Market

Melissa partners with the leading local organizations for supporting start-ups in the United States and in particular, Silicon Valley. Together with her contacts, all your questions and concerns about setting up and running a business in the US market will be answered.

Contact Melissa at or call +1.650.283.2765 to organize a workshop, coaching or consultation.


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