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Overcoming Perfectionism

5 Ways to Beat Perfectionism

A refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. That’s how the dictionary defines perfectionism. At first blush, this description can look like an attribute. Perfectionists do great work. People can count on them and are generally happy with

Celebrate Mothers

5 Ways Companies Can Best Celebrate Mothers

May 8 marks Mother’s Day in the U.S. On Sunday sons, daughters, and husbands will be preparing breakfast in bed, a floral bouquet, or taking part in a family brunch as a way to show mom they appreciate all she does. But what happens globally on

Working Women

Five Friday Highlights: Women Winning at Work

Each post I chose to highlight this week somehow relates to how women can succeed. This week, the public discourse has been driven by a visual album about infidelity and a presidential candidate claiming that a female candidate’s “woman

Is Romance Unhealthy?

You stopped working out. You’re eating and drinking more. You stay up way too late. Your morning meditation has gone out the window. You have trouble concentrating at work. You know, you’re in a new relationship. You’re in love. You’re

German Professional Business

The Evolution of Germany

Almost a year ago, I went to Germany and was pretty surprised by all that has changed since I was lucky enough to live and work there from 1998 to 2008. I’m headed to Germany again this week and I’m curious to see if more has changed—and if